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La Scala Speakers: The Eternal Classic

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The “New Sound”

The La Scala AL5 pairs the classic Klipschorn technology with a redesigned network to create an entirely new and exciting sound experience. Principal Engineer Roy Delgado explains how you will hear the difference. “When I designed the Forte III and updated the Cornwall III, and Heresy III, I looked at maintaining constant coverage patterns and, more importantly, a controlled power response,” he explains. “Power response is how much energy is put into the room beyond the direct sound. At your ears, you hear more than the speaker. You here the room. We want the speaker to fill the room evenly and with as much of a controlled power response as possible.”

Delgado says the La Scala AL5 allows the listener to experience a more balance amplitude and smoothness.

“What you’re gonna hear is a lot more detail,” he says. “We added the neodymium tweeter and modified tractrix Horn to provide constant coverage over it’s bandwidth. The sound equates to a lot more detail with a lot less effort.” Meaning, on a single watt of power, the La Scala generates 105 decibels of sound pressure, which means you will hear clarity and the full spectrum of sound even while using the most modest power amplifier.

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Keeping Up Appearances

The La Scala AL5 is more than a speaker. It’s a showpiece for any room. “We used a specific wire that most audiophiles look at for their homes,” Delgado says. “these wires are a large gauge and basically, the wires are out of the way.”

This means you can enjoy every ounce of sound without unsightly clusters of wires in the back. Couple that with grain-matched wood veneer panels, each La Scala cabinet is made to fit into your living room’s decor with ease.

“This Speaker Will Not Disappoint"

“When you hook this speaker up, if you like to listen to live music and want to truly experience the music, this speaker will NOT disappoint,” Delgado says. He says it’s as close as you can get to a concert experience without having to leave your house or pay for premium parking.

Recommended listening: “Queen - Live at Wembley Stadium.”


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