AW-500-SM Outdoor Speaker

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Easy to integrate into almost any outdoor environment, the AW-500-SM selectable mono/Stereo wide-coverage model brings powerful and dynamic Klipsch sound to a wide variety of challenging installation locations.


  • Sehr hohe Empfindlichkeit und Belastbarkeit
  • 3/8"-16 Gewindeeinsatz für optionale Halterungen
  • Streichfähiges UV-resistentes ABS-Gehäuse mit rostfreiem Aluminiumgitter
  • Dual 90 degree x 90 degree Tractrix® Horn tweeters for clean clear highs
  • Lieferung mit C-Montagehalterung und Edelstahlbefestigungen

Hero Aw500 Sm

Perfect Fit

Perfect for small outdoor areas that cannot accommodate multiple speakers, the AW-500-SM can bring smooth and even coverage to larger areas when combined with several other identical models.

Hero Aw500 Sm2

High Performance

Just like our indoor products, the AW-500-SM employs a 5-inch IMG woofer and dual 1-inch titanium dome tweeters so that it can play both left and right Stereo signals with total precision and clarity.