Palladium® Subwoofer


P-312W Subwoofer

Natural (# 1013355)
Espresso (# 1013357)
Merlot (# 1013356)

Available exclusively online at Acoustic Sound Design and Sound Distributors

Unser vollendeter P-312W setzt neue Standards für gehaltvolle und nuancierte Bassleistung und einzigartige Formgebung.


  • Modernes Design, unvergleichliche Handwerkskunst und eigene Technologien
  • Exotisches zebragemustertes Linia-Furniergehäuse
  • 12" Tieftöner, duale passive 12" Radiatoren und ein BASH® digitaler Hybrid-Verstärker
  • Bassreflex-Design über seitlich abstrahlende, duale passive Radiatoren
  • Fortschrittliche Touch-Bedienelemente und Auto-Raumkorrektur
Klipsch Palladium Series Subwoofer Front


Klipsch has solidly established itself in the high-end, luxury arena. In fact, this beautiful Subwoofer, with all its amazing power and control, beefs up your Palladium Stereo or home theater system with clear, tight and undistorted deep Bass response. So, you go from observer status to frontman or action hero at the touch of a button.

Designed with an eye toward home interior and furniture designs, the P-312W has a signature style that blends classic Klipsch audio and a clean, contemporary look.

Klipsch Palladium Series Subwoofer

The Subwoofer’s unique enclosure hints at the power and performance inside, while maintaining a high degree of sophistication and beauty. Next to its shape, the most striking visual statement is the exotic zebra-grain Linia veneer that’s available in three different finishes: natural, merlot and espresso. The horizontal linear grain and absence of visible fasteners allows the P-312W to elegantly complement your furniture and décor.

From every angle, every perspective, the P-312W Subwoofer is how luxury should look. It’s a treat for the senses—even before you hear—or feel—it.

Klipsch Palladium Series Subwoofer Back

Pure Power Yields Pure Performance

After just one listen, you’ll discover the P-312W is a force to be reckoned with. In fact, it sets new standards in the Subwoofer category. With its premium materials, modern technology and superior craftsmanship, this flagship powerhouse delivers low-frequency effects with commanding authority.

Many subwoofers of this caliber rely on off-the-shelf drivers; every P-312W driver has been engineered and built for this specific application. Years of research, development and testing resulted in a remarkable driver design that exceeds even our own high-performance standards.

Klipsch Palladium Series Handmade


The P-312W employs three 12-inch drivers—one front-firing woofer and dual side-firing passive radiators—and a potent BASH® digital hybrid amplifier. Fitting nicely into a corner, the Subwoofer’s unique enclosure lets the passive radiators face both walls of the corner for maximum output.

Through our own advanced Digitally Controlled Subwoofer technology, also known as DCS, the P-312W gives you more control and flexibility with different source material. The top-panel digital user-interface offers quick and easy adjustment of all functions, including five system presets.

Klipsch Palladium Series Subwoofer Close


Utilizing our patent-pending Adaptive Room Correction process, the P-312W ensures ideal performance in every listening area at the touch of a button. 

Klipsch Erbe PWK


Unser Gründer, Paul W. Klipsch, war Ingenieur, Erfinder, Verrückter und ein ausgewiesenes Genie. Er verbrachte sein Leben damit, der Welt einen besseren Klang zu verleihen. Seit 1946 leben wir die Leidenschaft unseres Gründers weiter, die bestmögliche Home-Audioerfahrung zu liefern. 

Du holst dir also nicht nur einen Lautsprecher ins Haus, sondern einen Teil amerikanischer Audiogeschichte, die auf mehr als 70 Jahren absolut genialer Akustiktechnologie aufbaut.


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