R-10SWi Wireless Subwoofer

The R-10SWi wireless Subwoofer has the ability to be placed anywhere, regardless of your room’s layout, to maximize Bass while seamlessly disappearing into your home décor. No more tripping over cables or trying to hide them under a rug. Simply plug the R-10SWi into an outlet, then connect the compact, pre-paired transmitter to the Subwoofer or LFE out on your favorite component. Upgrading your home theater Bass has never been easier.


  • Nach vorne strahlende 10" Bassreflexöffnung, IMG-Tieftöner aus gesponnenem Kupfer
  • Vorgepaarter 2,4 GHz Drahtlos-HiFi-Sender
  • Vollständig digitaler Verstärker
  • Tiefpassfrequenzweiche und Phasenanschnittsteuerung
  • Stabiles und flexibles abnehmbares Gitter
  • Duals as wired Subwoofer with Subwoofer cable (not included)